Napas Nutritional Supplement

Weight Reduction

Once the first fifteen days have passed, you will have noticed a significant change in your digestive system, which has already begun to be reflected in your daily bowel movements……

Napas Nutritional Supplement

Facilitates Digestion

Napas, contains essential oils that stimulate salivation and the production of gastric juices which facilitates the disintegration of food and therefore its digestion……

Napas Nutritional Supplement

Auxiliary in the Respiratory Tract

For its proven anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitussive and expectorant properties, it is considered useful in the treatment of common respiratory pathologies…….

Napas is happiness and health

Improve your quality of life

Millions of people, for over a hundred years throughout Asia and the whole world, verify and testify to the result, which you will be part of when you start consuming our natural and effective product Napas


100% quality

Napas starts with the detoxification of our body by regenerating the intestinal flora, forming a protective layer which acts effectively in order to give greater resistance to your body.


The best process
and technology

Napas capitalizes on the benefits of the main active ingredient Royal Canelo Bark, which is naturally extracted from plants cultivated in Sri Lanka, South India, China, Burma and Indonesia.

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Nutritional Supplement

Napas Nutritinal Supplement

Our vision is to reduce the rates of obesity, cholesterol, gastric problems, stress, type II diabetes, etc. which are ailments that affect us today.

Results from
the first 15 days

After the first 15 days, you will notice a significant change in your digestion which has already begun to be reflected in the greater amount of daily bowel movements, which begin to result in weight reduction.



Take one tablet of Napas in the evening with half a liter of water before or after dinner.


How you can
complement it

You can complement it with half a liter of water half an hour before each meal, this will facilitate digestion.

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