Take one tablet of Napas in the evening with half a liter of water before or after dinner and complement it with half a liter of water half an hour before each meal (this facilitates digestion).

Once the first 15 days have passed, you will have noticed a very significant change in your digestive system, which has already begun to be reflected in the greater amount of daily bowel movements, which begin to result in weight reduction.

Napas contains essential oils that stimulate salivation and the production of gastric juices which facilitates the disintegration of food and therefore its digestion. In this way it favors the correct functioning of the digestive system preventing discomfort such as: flatulence, bloating, heartburn, as a consequence of poor digestion, due to a very heavy meal.

This quality is due to its antiplatelet, anti-sclerotic, anti-thrombotic properties, so Asian medicine has been using it to treat physical abnormalities related to poor blood circulation.

It is a natural calming and relaxing natural that also helps to induce sleep.

Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, stimulates the uterus favoring the outflow of menstrual flow and relieves pain in case of difficult menstruation.

Helps eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that cause gum disease or bad breath.

For its proven anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antitussive and expectorant properties it is considered very useful in the treatment of common respiratory diseases such as colds, colds, bronchitis, etc.. In this sense, part of its success lies in its ability to raise body temperature and stimulate sweating, which is suitable to alleviate these ailments.

It should be noted that it acts naturally, safely and without side effects. It is another food-medicine which you should add to your daily intake. The best thing will be the results and significant changes in your life, which will raise your self-esteem, and also if you suffer from any of these disorders, Napas will help you to control in a safe and total way your weight

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Nutritional Supplement

Napas Nutritinal Supplement

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Millions of people, for over a hundred years throughout Asia and the world, have proven and testified to the results, which you will be a part of when you start consuming our natural and effective Napas product.


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Napas starts with the detoxification of our body by regenerating the intestinal flora, forming a protective layer which acts effectively in order to give greater resistance to your body.


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Napas capitalizes on the benefits of the main active ingredient Royal Canelo Bark, which is naturally extracted from plants cultivated in Sri Lanka, South India, China, Burma and Indonesia.